Timeline of Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, according to police reports

The Ferguson Police Department released three reports Friday morning. The first report concerns a robbery at a convenience store on W. Florissant — apparently the Ferguson Market and Liquor — that happened shortly before Michael Brown was shot and killed. An officer took a description of two men from witnesses and broadcast it over the radio. Meanwhile, the second report was for a sick call (location approximate). Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Officer Darren Wilson had been responding to a sick call immediately prior to the shooting. As he left the sick call, he encountered Brown and Dorian Johnson. According to Jackson, the initial contact between Wilson and the two men "was not related to the robbery." Witnesses say Brown was retreating, but according to police Brown assaulted Wilson. Wilson then shot and killed Brown.

11:44:24 a.m. Sick call received

11:48:09 a.m. Unnamed officer arrives on scene

11:51:57 a.m. Robbery event opened

11:52:58 a.m. According to police report, video timestamps indicate robbery incident begins

11:53:54 a.m. Unit dispatched

11:54:00 a.m. According to police report, video timestamps indicate robbery incident ends

11:54:51 a.m. Unit arrived

11:55:06 a.m. Note: No one walking n/b in a white t-shirt

11:57:47 a.m. Note: Suspect wearing red Cards cap, yellow socks, w/another male subject walking towards QT at this time

11:58:04 a.m. Note: Khaki shorts

11:58:22 a.m. Unit dispatched

11:58:25 a.m. Unit arrived

12:00:07 p.m. Unit cleared, event closed

12:00:51 p.m. Unit cleared

12:01:50 p.m. Shooting event opened

12:02:22 p.m. Dispatch, enroute, arrival

12:04:02 p.m. Address changed from W Florissant to Coppercree

12:04:15 p.m. Address changed from Canfield Dr., Intersection: Coppercree, to Coppercreek Ct., intersection: Canfield Dr., City: Ferguson

12:04:55 p.m. Note: EMS contacted

12:05:11 p.m. Unit dispatched

12:05:20 p.m. Enroute to scene

12:10:06 p.m. Unit dispatched

12:10:29 p.m. Unit arrived

12:11:04 p.m. Category changed from 7228 police ser/3 to 4234/domestic/in progress/1

12:11:16 p.m. Category changed from 4234 domestic/in progress/1 to 4230 disturbance/in progress/2

12:11:17 p.m. Notes edited

12:11:18 p.m. Unit arrived

12:16:23 p.m. Note: STLCo Dellwood officer on scene

12:36:21 p.m. Unit arrived

12:39:09 p.m. Unit dispatched

12:39:12 p.m. Enroute to scene

12:43:01 p.m. Unit arrived

12:45:13 p.m. Unit dispatched

12:45:15 p.m. Unit arrived

1:19:40 p.m. Unit cleared

1:21:08 p.m. Unit arrived

1:26:50 p.m. Unit arrived

1:26:59 p.m. Unit arrived

1:30:25 p.m. Unit cleared

1:32:07 p.m. Complaint number 14-12391 assigned

1:40:29 p.m. Enroute to scene

1:40:33 p.m. Enroute to scene

1:57:55 p.m. Unit arrived

1:57:57 p.m. Unit arrived

2:11:36 p.m. Note: Shots on Canfield

2:12:34 p.m. Note: 4 to 6 shots

2:13:01 p.m. Note: [address redacted by St. Louis Public Radio] 22 and 25

2:14:33 p.m. Note: ems staging

2:14:33 p.m. Note: ems staging until further notice

2:16:35 p.m. Unit arrived

2:17:56 p.m. Enroute to scene

2:18:00 p.m. Unit arrived

2:19:35 p.m. Enroute to scene

2:23:49 p.m. Unit dispatched

2:23:52 p.m. Unit arrived

2:30:30 p.m. Note: call a ride has been notified

2:31:53 p.m. Unit arrived

2:37:09 p.m. Enroute to scene

2:37:12 p.m. Unit arrived

3:42:33 p.m. Unit dispatched

3:42:38 p.m. Enroute to scene

3:55:49 p.m. Unit arrived

6:54:41 p.m. Unit cleared

6:54:41 p.m. Unit cleared

6:54:43 p.m. Unit cleared, event closed

6:54:44 p.m. Unit cleared

6:58:42 p.m. Unit cleared

7:06:18 p.m. Unit cleared

7:06:21 p.m. Unit cleared

7:06:38 p.m. Unit cleared

7:07:04 p.m. Unit cleared

Source: Ferguson Police Department reports