Did Dooley lose in all the non-African-American townships?

Charlie Dooley explained his loss in the 2014 primary for St. Louis County Executive, saying "If you said an African-American elected official is alleged to have done some wrongdoing, and 75 percent of the population is non-African American – what do you think is going to happen? What happened is exactly what happened. I lost in all of the non-African-American townships in this county – which I have never done before.”

The first part of his claim is true: There are six majority-black townships in the county and he won all of them. There are 22 townships that are not majority-black, and he lost all of those. The blue dots represent townships where the percentage of black residents is higher than the percentage of votes Dooley got (from all voters).


CORRECTION: A previous version of this graphic swapped the meaning of the yellow and blue dots.
Code based on example from weiglemc.