Reporters at St. Louis Public Radio interviewed more than 20 people for this project. Some spoke to us alone, others alongside friends and family. All were directly touched by the inequalities that #Ferguson’s eruption showcased to the world. Several themes emerged during the interviews. Those themes became the chapters of this project.

Our goal was to allow the people we interviewed to speak for themselves, giving their thoughts, observations, fears and hopes with minimal editing or interjections. We thank them for their time, honesty and trust.

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More Reflections

Seven chapters weren’t enough. Rather than cut reflections that didn’t fit neatly into our chapter themes, we created this extra chapter that, we feel, is well worth a listen.


The Voices of Living #Ferguson


Reporting by:

Marissanne Lewis-Thompson

Andrea Y. Henderson

Chad Davis

Jeremy D. Goodwin

Nancy Fowler

Photography by:

Carolina Hidalgo

David Kovaluk

Digital & Special Projects Editor:

Brian Heffernan

Executive Editor:

Shula Neuman

Design by:

David Kovaluk

Additional editing by:

Maria Altman

David Cazares

Fred Ehrlich

Holly Edgell

MacK Korris

Bob Cronin


Kae Petrin

Lindsay Toler

Brent Jones

Alex Rice