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Part of the evidence released Dec. 8, 2014, was audio. This included 52 audio files of police radio traffic. These match a portion of the radio traffic transcript released in November.

The Prosecutor also released audio from a video message coincidentally recorded at the time of the shooting which includes the sound of approximately 10 shots.

Police radio

Track 348

OFFICER (25): Frank 25.


OFFICER (25): I'll be 10-8 and I'll head over to Victorian Plaza.

Track 349

DISPATCHER: (UI) we're takin' a stealing in progress from 9101 West Florissant ...9101 West Florissant. Subject may be leaving the business at the time. Standby for further.

OFFICER: All clear. I'm right here.

Track 350

DISPATCHER: 25 ... it's gonna be a black male in a white t-shirt. He's running toward Quik Trip. He took a whole box of Swisher cigars.

OFFICER: Black male, white t-shirt?

DISPATCHER: That's affirmative. She said he just walked out of the store.

Track 351

OFFICER: I don't see anybody running out here.

DISPATCHER: She said he was walking. But, he headed up toward Quik Trip from 9101.

Track 352

OFFICER: Does she have any further?


Track 353

OFFICER: There's nobody walking out here with a white t-shirt.

DISPATCHER: You'll have to contact her for further then. That's all she could give me.

Track 354


Track 355

OFFICER (22): 22. I'm 10-8 with a report from the last. Do you have any further description on that male? I have a male with a white t-shirt and black pants and a backpack on Sharondale.

Track 356

OFFICER: No information.

Track 357


Track 358

OFFICER: He's a, he's with another male. He's got a red Cardinal's hat, white-tshirt, yellow socks, and khaki short. He was walking up (UI).


Track 359

OFFICER (27): 27. I'm at the station. (UI)

Track 360

OFFICER: I'm gonna try to make my way up there now. (UI)

Track 361

OFFICER (22): 22. (UI) 34 through Sharondale and I'm with 25.

DISPATCHER: 22, that's clear.

Track 362

OFFICER (?): Victor (UI)



OFFICER: I'm gonna be going out with a, it's like a red Pontiac. A, Buzz Westfall Plaza by Sprint. Plates are on file for any year. There's numerous 99s attached to the plate.

Track 363

DISPATCHER: Victor 2 traffic in front of Sprint.

Track 364

OFFICER (21): Frank 21.


OFFICER (21): 10-8 with a report.


OFFICER (21): (UI) 21 to 25 (UI).


Track 365



Track 366

OFFICER (21): 21 to 25 or 22. Do you guys need me?

Track 367

OFFICER (?): Disappeared into the woodwork.

OFFICER (?): Dispatch, can you relay? I couldn't hear him.

DISPATCHER: He thinks that a, they disappeared.

OFFICER (?): Clear.

Track 368

OFFICER (22): Frank 22.


OFFICER (22): 10-8 assist. I'll be en route to Victorian Plaza.

DISPATCHER: 10-4. Also, when you get a moment, I have a 21 message for you.

OFFICER (22): Clear. Do I need to call you?


Track 369

OFFICER (21): 21, put me on Canfield with two and send me another car.

Track 370

DISPATCHER: 21, you're out on Canfield?

Track 371

OFFICER (24): 24, I'm the closest.

DISPATCHER: Clear. 24's responding to your location on Canfield.

Track 372

OFFICER (25): 25. I'll be going out on Canfield. (UI)

Track 373

(OFFICER): 22's out

Track 374

OFFICER(?): Where's the other one?

Track 375


Track 376

DISPATCHER: 10-4 on Canfield.

Track 377

OFFICER (25): Frank 25.


OFFICER (25): (UI)

OFFICER (25): (UI) Copper Creek Court.


OFFICER (23): Go ahead.

DISPATCHER: Did you ever despo...respond to Canfield and Copper Creek Court for 25?

Track 378

OFFICER: 10-4.


OFFICER: If we have a, detectives on duty, they need to respond as well.

DISPATCHER: Dispatcher's clear. I'll check.

Track 379

DISPATCHER: Frank 23. I'm unable to get a hold of anyone from that particular Agency and United Way cannot recommend anyone else.

Track 380

OFFICER (?): 23. I'm gonna be 10-8 from (UI) 24 remaining and I'll be en route Canfield, is it?

DISPATCHER: Clear. Canfield and Copper Creek.

Track 381

DISPATCHER: EMS is en route.

Track 382

OFFICER (23): 23 will be (UI).

DISPATCHER: 10-23 at 12:04.

Track 383

OFFICER (25): Frank 25.

Track 384


OFFICER (25): Get us several more units over here. There's gonna be a problem.

DISPATCHER: Is there any available Ferguson units who can respond to Canfield and Copper Creek advise?

Track 385

OFFICER (27): 27, I'm leavin' the station. You need me to go over there?

DISPATCHER: They are requesting more units at Canfield and Copper Creek. I'll also contact St. Louis County PD.

OFFICER (27): 27's clear.

OFFICER (?): We're gonna need crowd control here.

DISPATCHER: I'm contacting St. Louis County.

Track 386

DISPATCHER: Ferguson Police to St. Louis County on point-to-point.

Track 387

DISPATCHER: This is Ferguson...St. Louis County, do you have any possibly a Dellwood or a St. Louis County officers available for crowd control and disturbance to assist Ferguson Canfield and Copper Creek ...Canfield and Copper Creek?

Track 388


Track 389


Track 390


OFFICER (?): (UI) 10-8. Do you need a (UI) at Copper Creek?

DISPATCHER: That's affirmative.


Track 391


Track 392

OFFICER (2): Victor 2. (UI)

DISPATCHER: Victor 7. En route and what other Victor unit?

OFFICER (2): Victor 2 and Victor 7.


Track 393

DISPATCHER: Frank 25. I have two Country Club units coming your way and possibly St. Louis County.

OFFICER (?): I'm clear. We just need crowd control.


Track 394

OFFICER(?): Victor units to (UI).

Track 395

Officer (27): Frank 27, 10-23.

DISPATCHER: 27's out.

Track 396

DISPATCHER: Frank 24. Are you secure? She's calling.

Track 397

OFFICER (24): 24, I'm 10-4, almost at the house. Who's calling?

DISPATCHER: A female's calling. I just wanna make sure you were secure.

OFFICER (24): 10-4, I'm on the line with DFS.

Track 398

OFFICER(?): Comin' up behind ya.

Track 399

DISPATCHER: Ferguson's clear.

Track 400


Audio of shots fired

A resident of the Canfield Green apartments was recording a video chat message on the app Glide, when in the background you can hear shots fired.