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Here are some materials to learn about the history of St. Louis, and the origins of socioeconomic disparties.


 St. Louis History in Black and White

A St. Louis Public Radio series examining the history of race, locally.

 Race Frankly

A St. Louis Beacon series that examines race and culture.

 Worlds Apart

A St. Louis Beacon series that examines health care disparities that persist in our region.

 Class: The Great Divide

A St. Louis Beacon series that examines class disparities in our region

Reading list

  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces — Radley Balko

The pre Ferguson account of how the unrest of the 60s created the SWAT unit, which led to the use of military strategies by police, and began to blur the distinction between office and soldier.

  The New Jim Crow — Michelle Alexander

Alexander challenges the idea of a post racial America in the wake of a black president and more, examining the legal processes by which African Americans in some communities have been relegated to second class citizens.

  A People’s History of Poverty in America — Stephen Pimpare

Pimpare describes what it’s like to be impoverished in the United States through the accounts of indigent Americans.

Missouri Foundation for Health

Funding for this project was provided in part by Missouri Foundation for Health. The Foundation is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. As a catalyst for change, the Foundation improves the health of Missourians through a combination of partnership, experience, knowledge and funding.

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